2015 – Some Things Happened

photographed in Atlanta, Ga. on Saturday, August 15, 2015.
I moved to Atlanta where I got to photograph super fabulous things like this fantasy nail art competition.

Here are some of my notables from 2015, which was a very interesting year.

I was the president of a nonprofit

I spoke on a panel at my alma mater

I went on tour with a rock band for Rolling Stone

I got assaulted by a crazy NRA lady and ignored by police

I was interviewed on tv (not sharing this link, kinda embarrassing)

I went to Canada for the first time

I spent 24 hours in the studio watching how rap gets made

I moved to Atlanta

I made wonderful new friends

I sold a condo and bought a house

I started collecting antiques and art seriously because I love these things so much

I had great media with interviews, quotes and highlights: Time; SXSE; Washington Post

I saw how Cheetos are made

I got to drink Tropicana oj straight from the orange

I had two significant magazine covers: Variety; The Guardian

I traveled all over the USA for work: GA, FL AL, DC, MD, VA, IN, AZ, CO, NC, SC, NY, TX, NV by my count.

I learned the true meaning of Halloween

I judged a music competition

I started a music project- much more to come in 2016

I now have beef with Jared Leto