10/8/09 8:52:35 AM — Washington , DC, U.S.A
— Cathy Renna and Leah McElrath hope third time’s the charm for their wedding. They were married six years ago in a religious ceremony and then the following year went to San Francisco to get married legally. But their marriage was invalidated by a California court. Now, the couple, who have a four year old daughter, say they want to get married in D.C. as early as next spring when the District is likely to pass a same sex marriage bill. DC joins the fray in the debate over same sex marriage.

Leah McElrath, left and Cathy Renna walk their daughter, Rosemary McElrath Renna, 4, to school in Washington, D.C. Thursday morning. The couple hopes to legally wed in the district after the likely passage of a same sex marriage bill. “We consider ourselves married in the eyes of God,” said Renna, “but that’s a totally different thing than civil marriage.”

Photo by Melissa Golden, Freelance

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